Are serviced apartments expensive in Melbourne?

A holiday trip with family is always exciting and if one plans everything well in advance then it becomes a lot easier. So, if you are planning for a family trip then one of the most essential things which shouldn’t be overlooked is the aspect of accommodation. If your budget is tight and you find it difficult to stay in a hotel then you shouldn’t worry as you still have an option for serviced apartments. The next best option after hotel is certainly the serviced apartments. If you are planning to visit Melbourne then you can consider staying at the Frasers hospitality Melbourne serviced apartments. If you are wondering are serviced apartments expensive in Melbourne then you should know that it isn’t. There are actually many good serviced apartments available in Melbourne, having several excellent amenities. You can stay in these serviced apartments with your family members at affordable rates. If in case you have good amount of money to stay in a hotel, still you can opt for serviced apartments and instead use the remaining amount in shopping and visiting several good and exciting places all over Melbourne.


Apart from being much affordable then the hotels, what makes the serviced apartments different from the hotels is that you can actually enjoy the amenities which you can usually enjoy at your own home. In the serviced apartments, you get to have more privacy and space. Moreover, if you wish then you can also cook your food right there instead of eating at restaurants or ordering, thus saving a considerable amount of money while enjoying your holiday.


There are several types of serviced apartments available in Melbourne having the option of choosing any price range you want. If your budget allows you to spend more amount of money than you can even opt for the luxury accommodations at elite locality in Melbourne, where you get to enjoy several amenities, expensive furnishings and modern appliances.