Best Australian Streetwear Brands

Over the past two decades, Australia has moved from being primary clothing importer, to a producer – thanks to quality Aussie home grown brands springing at every corner. With Aussie streetwear now dressing millions, it’s fitting to single out the select few making big splashes. In no particular order, here are some of the best Australian streetwear brands.


Jack London


As you’d expect, this brand takes inspiration from the British – blending 1960’s rock and roll inspired style with contempory fashion. They do suits as well, at a really affordable rate, but are best recognized for their streetwear.




Is primarily a denim streetwear brand. Their biggest, brightest strengths lie in the bright accents and gripping visuals incorporated into their denim. Check them out and see what you’re missing.


Song for the Mute


Offers unique pieces with every collection they unveil. Most of their most creative pieces are a result of experiments with colors, but they’ve definitely succeeded in putting Australia on the fashion map.


The People Vs.


Blends surfer gear and street artist into memorable streetwear. They use a lot of vintage design on modern fabrics. Some gnarly attitude thrown in for good measure and you have a brand that’s loved by youngsters.


Assembly Line


Are a minimalist brand, but don’t be fooled. Their seemingly simple creations are made from some of the most luxurious fabrics – easily verified by touch.




Are the most environmentally conscious on this list. Their commitment to creating a thriving, ecologically sustainable business means all streetwear is made entirely from organic materials. If you want to feel good about looking good, definitely check them out.


Whichever local brand you decide to go with, know that they all have this in common – a very healthy obsession with quality. Which is always good in clothing. Whatever you get from any of the brands listed above, know that their durability won’t come into question down the years. Check them out at West Brothers, or any of Australians local streetwear stores.