Common automatic gate issues

Automatic gates are very convenient since they allow for quick access, meaning that a driver does not have to get out of the car to access the driveway. Rather, a driver can open a gate with one simple touch of the button or the swipe of a card.


But like the vast majority of technology, sliding gates cannot be immune to certain problems and there are a variety of ways in which these automatic gates may cause headaches and some annoying trouble for homeowners. Such problems need to be dealt with straight away. Because otherwise, the gate might become damaged beyond repair, after which you will be left with no other choice but to replace the gates..


But do you know exactly what common problems automatic gates have and plus, how to fix them? Keep on reading to find out.


6 Common Automatic Gate Issues


1)Too Much Noise

At times, a fence in Perth that is automatic may generate too much noise for reasons which do not always seem clear. A grinding sound might indicate that a mechanism which moves gates together as well as apart have become worn out. You can fix this problem in the following ways: Either have a mechanism taken apart and then reassembled, or have a completely new part fitted.


2)Vermin And Insects

Automatic gates keep working by using the sensors which trigger motion. But in case those sensors become blocked, then the automatic gate will certainly fail to open. Vermin and insects may climb into dark spaces provided by the gate, causing an obstruction. So make sure that the inside of an automatic gate is always kept clear of dirt and insects or vermin so that a sensor keeps working perfectly continuously.


3)Faulty Remote Control

A remote control has to be kept in appropriate working order for ensuring that it will continue opening the electric gate without any issues. But the batteries may start fading so don’t forget to check if red light fails to ‘blink’. If that is the case, replace batteries and try again. But if the problem persists, then replace the remote.


4)Obstructions In Gate Tracks

Gate tracks have to be kept clear to help a gate open and close effortlessly. Debris in a gate track may cause the gate to get stuck and consequently fail to open as well as close properly. To avoid this, sweep up debris regularly.


5)Manual Mode

Sometimes the gate becomes stuck in a manual mode. This may be the issue with batteries in a remote or a gate’s opening mechanism.


6)Power Outage

Automatic gates have to have a consistent supply of electricity to work correctly. Power failures as well as cut-outs can prevent gates from working. If the power outage occurs, ensure to check for the blown fuses. You can restore the power after you put a blown fuse switch back in a position.


Final Thoughts


As can be seen, there are more than a few problems automatic gate repairs with Door Repairs Brisbane have. Having the necessary information about it can help you to adequately react when any such problem arises, so try to keep these tips in mind to save yourself some headache in the future.