How To Store Your Funko Pops

Doing a collection of funkos is great fun. But among all of your collection, there are few which are your favorite and slowly those funkos become your family member to you. Now the problem is where to store them safely, and we also want to display them.


Because we love showing those things which are close to us. You can directly put them on shelves but that will be not fair to your funkos collection because if you are collecting them it’s your responsibility to take care of them that they can be with your life long.


Here Are The Some Tips To Maintain Your Fnkos Pop Collection


Taking care of your funkos means you need to ensure that they look the same always as the day you bought them.


The first thing you need to do is do no put them directly on the shelves. It is common that you get frustrated because some of them do not stand up properly. And it looks like design flaw but it’s not because most of them have an acrylic stand that fits onto the funkos feet. So when you unpack your funks just once look in the plastic bags them come in before throwing it.


You can buy those stands online but first, make sure they match with your funks design.


Some must-do things when you shop funko pop cases:


  • Store your funkos in cool and dry places, because if you put them in a wet place they will be damaged and tear.
  • Keep them away from direct sunlight, because direct sunlight is going to fade them and the boxes, so keep this in mind that store them in a shaded place, not in front of the window.
  • Regularly dust them with clothing, gently wipe clothe over your funkos once in a week otherwise thick layer of dust will be built over them.