Is Perth a Nice Place to Live?

Perth is among the great and top places to live in Australia. Perth is a city located in Western Australia. Perth city has attracted a high number of tourists from other countries as well as new residents. Below are some points to support that Perth is a nice place to live and check on where to stay in Perth WA.


Hot Weather

Perth city has a fantastic weather condition which you’ll be able to enjoy throughout the year. In the summer, temperatures are at most thirty degrees Celcius with a cool breeze that enhances your enjoyment. In the winter, temperatures are around thirteen degrees Celcius.


Flourishing job market

Perth has various job opportunities in industries such as retail, manufacturing, and education. Also, there are various transportation and agriculture jobs. Perth being the capital city of Western Australia, you can find a job in the government sector.


Fantastic Education Opportunities

Perth has a high number of top high schools, secondary and primary schools that help individuals to master the importance of education. Education is the key to success. For individuals who’re aiming to pursue college studies in Perth can consider Curtin University, University of Western Australia e.t.c


Beautiful Beaches

Local beaches in Perth can satisfy your needs whether you’re looking to catch a few waves or else you’re about to spend your time sunbathing on the sand. Port Beach is the popular beach in Perth with exquisite white sand. For individuals who’re looking for privacy can enjoy their time in Sandtrax Beach. Cottesloe has perfect conditions for snorkeling.


Fun Attractions

Perth has a high number of great attractions where you can’t be bored. Perth Institute of Arts and Western Australian Museum are some of the cultural and art centers in Perth. The Perth Zoo has the most wonderful wildlife creatures. If you’re looking for an old prison, then focus on the archives and old cell located inside Fremantle Prison