Living in Chatswood, Sydney

Many people who have to relocate to Sydney in New South Wales for personal or professional reasons are looking for a suitable residential area, where they either rent or purchase a home. Since Chatswood apartments is a major business district in Sydney, approximately 10 km from the central business district (CBD) of Sydney,many people would like to find out what chatswood a good place to live in. Some people are working in businesses located in Chatswood and they would prefer to live in a place which is close to their workplace, since they will save both time and money which is spent commuting daily to their workplace.

Though people were living in the area, the area was named Chatswood in 1876 after the woods in the area and the wife of the early settlers Charlotte Harnett. The area has developed rapidly and has a population of more than 24000. Chatswood is one of the major business and retail districts in Sydney, with a large number of multinational and other well known companies having their offices in the district. It also has a number of shopping malls, which cater to shoppers with different profiles like high end luxury products, asian products and other items. This is convenient for those who are living in the area.

Chatswood also has a number of public art installation like sculptures, recycled art for art lovers. One of the reasons why people prefer to live in Chatswood is because of the greenery, there are a large number of parks, trees, playgrounds for cricket and other sports. There are also a number of Asian and other restaurants which are offering a wide range of food at affordable rates. Chatswood is well connected by train and bus with Sydney and other places in Australia, so it is easy to commute using public transport. There is a also a primary and secondary school for children. All this makes Chatswood a good place to stay especially for those who are working in the area.