Are sapphire rings good for proposing- Know the reasons to select it.

Proposing to the love of your life can be the most amazing feeling in the world as you will experience a myriad of emotions that you have never felt before but among all the things you will need to decide about the perfect ring for your ladylove. You might be confused with the widest varieties of rings available but you will need to select the one that is the best option for you. There are different kinds of rings that you can consider but you should definitely buy Larsen Jewellery sapphire rings for the love of your life because it is the most popular option. But before moving ahead with your choice, you will need to find out are sapphire rings good for proposing so that you can purchase this ring for your special day.


The right selection of the ring for proposing to your dream girl is a very important decision that you will need to make and when you have selected sapphire ring; you can be rest assured that you have made the right choice. It is the most popular option because it is amazingly beautiful ring that exudes charm, elegance and sophistication. You will never regret your decision for buying this ring because it is very beautiful ring that is surely going to impress your lady love. You can be rest assured that you will get positive results after you have proposed her with this ring that will make her spellbound with its attractive and impressive beauty.


Sapphire ring is very precious gem that has its own charm and beauty which cannot be ignored as it is a stone of royalty that also depicts romance and affection. When using this ring while proposing is the best way of getting someone you love as the ring will play an important role in making your love eternal.



Best Australian Streetwear Brands

Over the past two decades, Australia has moved from being primary clothing importer, to a producer – thanks to quality Aussie home grown brands springing at every corner. With Aussie streetwear now dressing millions, it’s fitting to single out the select few making big splashes. In no particular order, here are some of the best Australian streetwear brands.


Jack London


As you’d expect, this brand takes inspiration from the British – blending 1960’s rock and roll inspired style with contempory fashion. They do suits as well, at a really affordable rate, but are best recognized for their streetwear.




Is primarily a denim streetwear brand. Their biggest, brightest strengths lie in the bright accents and gripping visuals incorporated into their denim. Check them out and see what you’re missing.


Song for the Mute


Offers unique pieces with every collection they unveil. Most of their most creative pieces are a result of experiments with colors, but they’ve definitely succeeded in putting Australia on the fashion map.


The People Vs.


Blends surfer gear and street artist into memorable streetwear. They use a lot of vintage design on modern fabrics. Some gnarly attitude thrown in for good measure and you have a brand that’s loved by youngsters.


Assembly Line


Are a minimalist brand, but don’t be fooled. Their seemingly simple creations are made from some of the most luxurious fabrics – easily verified by touch.




Are the most environmentally conscious on this list. Their commitment to creating a thriving, ecologically sustainable business means all streetwear is made entirely from organic materials. If you want to feel good about looking good, definitely check them out.


Whichever local brand you decide to go with, know that they all have this in common – a very healthy obsession with quality. Which is always good in clothing. Whatever you get from any of the brands listed above, know that their durability won’t come into question down the years. Check them out at West Brothers, or any of Australians local streetwear stores.


Best Places to Buy Converse in Australia

Where to Buy Converse Australia

When looking for the absolute best place to purchase Converse shoes Australia, there are many options to choose from. From unique online shops to stores in the city, there are many options for customers in Australia. Buying converse in the major cities in Australia is convenient and simple. Whether it be Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Adelaide, Converse are available at almost every major shoe retailer as well as department stores. This makes the buying process simple. Customers can shop for Converse in Australia and find the exact pair they are looking for with ease.

If a customer is looking for a specific style of shoe, they can find it with Converse. Converse offers a multitude of styles and colors for customers. Customers can find the shoe they are looking for with wide selection available online and in store. If a customer sees a style they want but the store does not currently have the item in stock, they can arrange to have it shipped to their home. In many cases the store will ship the item to the customer’s home for free. This is very important as it allows the customer to receive the shoes without have to pay a shipping fee.
When customers are satisfied with their purchase, they are likely to purchase again in the future. Converse is a popular brand that many enjoy, therefore many store in Australia carry the brand. Many major cities in Australia have Converse pop-up shops as well. This is a way for customers to go and experience all the brand has to offer in person instead of buying online. This is a unique way to get familiar with the brand and experience all the different types of shoes. From different colors to different styles, Converse has so many different options to select from.


Purnululu National Park

A Breathtaking Treasure

Unspoilt and breathtaking in every sense of the word, Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle) is a site of international significance on the United Nations World Heritage List.

The name Purnululu comes from the Aboriginal Gija people, meaning ‘fretting sands’. The origin of the name (often referred to as the Bungle Bungles) is not known, although some have suggested that is a reference to Bundle Bundle, a Kimberley grass.

Bungle Bungle Guided Tours and Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge is licensed to operate both tours and accommodation, enabling you to experience the sandstone striped domes, narrow gorges lined with magnificent fan palms, soaring cliffs, seasonal waterfalls and rock pools as part of a fly-in fly-out tour from Kununurra. The thriving town of Kununurra (a local Aboriginal word meaning ‘big water’) provides the ideal base for your Kimberley adventure.

At the northern end of the Purnululu National Park, major attractions include; Echidna Chasm and Mini Palm Gorges while to the south you can explore Piccaninny Creek and Cathedral Gorge.

The Djaru and Gija Aboriginal people are the custodians of Purnululu National Park and most of their activities revolve around the Ord River and nearby waterholes. The area is extremely important spiritually to the local people and includes sites that feature rock art, hand stencils and ochre grindings.

Driving from Kununurra to Purnululu can take up to 6 hours – 3 hours from Kununurra to the Bungle Bungle turn-off at the Spring Creek track and a further 53km drive into the Purnululu National Park, through Mable Downs Cattle Station, that can take up to an additional 3 hours on the 4WD-only access track.

Touring options from Kununurra with Bungle Bungle Guided Tours are by Aviair scenic aircraft or HeliSpirit helicopters linking with guided 4WD, walking tours. The Bungle Bungle scenic flight views include; Lake Argyle, the Ord River, Osmand Range, Carr Boyd Range, Argyle Diamond Mine, Lissadell and Texas Downs Stations. The scenery is awe-inspiring.

If you are making your own way to Purnululu you can book a night or two at Bungle Bungle Savannah Lodge. Enjoy hot showers, hotel-style beds and hearty meals. Refresh in the swimming pool and enjoy a cold drink at the Bungles bar. If you are well equipped you can choose the self-catered option or enjoy Dinner, Bed and Breakfast with no cooking to worry about.