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Are you looking for reliable building inspection services?

Precise Building Inspections are here for you.

We are a team of qualified and trusted building inspectors Adelaide who strive to offer trustworthy inspection services to our esteemed clients around Adelaide.


Services offered;

  • Pre-purchase inspections

This service involves a detailed assessment of the building elements such as roof exteriors and voids, floors, walls, retaining walls fences etc. We produce a detailed report of all defects that were visually detected.

  • Pest Inspection

This inspection only covers scrutiny of timber pests such as termites and borers and wood rot on all dwelling areas. It also includes roofs, subfloors that can be accessed, sheds, garages, etc.

  • Building and pest inspection

It is a complete inspection that involves the examination of both pests and all the building elements. The report covers roof exteriors, roof voids, both interior and exterior spaces of the building, drainages, etc. It also includes the site in general including fences, retaining walls, sheds, etc.

  • Rental Inspection

It is a general inspection that focuses on the damages caused by a tenant on the various building features such as; toilets, ceilings, building structures, floors, showers, etc.

This inspection also covers the review of the overall cleanliness for every room, carpets, washrooms, among others.

  • Dilapidation reports

A dilapidation report gives comprehensive details of the current condition of a property at a particular time. It is produced before and after construction works to assess the damages that might have occurred in the process. These reports are used to evaluate the overall safety of any structure.

Precise Inspections boast of being among the most recognized property inspectors in Adelaide. We offer a thorough inspection and give detailed dilapidation reports for both commercial and residential properties.


Why choose us

With the value that comes with both commercial and residential properties, it’s with no doubt that they need proper care and only reliable advice.

We are a team of licensed and experienced professionals who have mastered significant elements of different property types. Therefore, you can count on us since we know what and where exactly to look.


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