Why Hakuba is an ideal place to SKI

Is Hakuba a good place to ski? Read the article to find out.


Hakuba is highly regarded as one of the best playgrounds for skiers and snowboarders, particularly during the winter. There are several reasons as to why people flock into Hakuba for skiing and other sports activities during the winter.


Why Hakuba is an ideal place to ski


  • Slopes

Hakuba is considered the heart of the Japanese Alps as it is one of the best winter holiday destinations. It comprises nine major tourist spots that are spread across the valley; the region also has the most diversified terrain, vertical rise, and refined slopes across entire Japan. Hakuba tourist spots can be easily accessed from Happo and Wadano towns.

Hakuba has more than 130 lifts and more than 200 separate trails; it’s perfect for skiers and snowboarders who are looking for a serious challenge and also has miles which are suitable for beginners who are new to skiing.


  • Family-friendly facilities

The children’s place in Hakuba is eye-catching. Happo-One tourist hub has a friendly space that is designed for the kids.

There are two separate parks for kids within the Happo-One where they can practice skiing and other sports such as tubing. The nursery pre-school located within Happo-One takes care of toddlers who are three months old and above so you can walk on the slopes confident since your toddler is in safe hands. At the top of the gondola, there is a space that is left for the kids to play and relax during the break time.


  • Snow monkeys

You should take your time off skiing and visit Jigokudani Park as it one of the top places in the globe where you can witness monkeys bathing in hot springs. The park is not located far away from Hakuba, and that’s why you should not miss this perfect opportunity to see monkeys.

The following are some of the reasons why Hakuba is a perfect place to ski. Look for Hakuba Travel Plan Ski packages.