How can you Check if your SEO Agency is doing their Job

Australia is home to one of the most advanced technological and scientifically discoverments of the century, and that means that the population will have open access to all of these advancements, and that’s exactly why you can see a lot of businesses or commerces start adapting their services and offerings to the online world created by the internet, and the way of doing this is by creating a website, blog or commerce store where you can sell all of your goods thanks to being hosted by a domain and an URL. However, there are millions of websites, and lots of them will be similar to yours, so you will have to rely upon techniques or strategies to rank higher in the browser’s algorithm, and SEO is the best way of doing this, but in case that you don’t have any idea on how to do it, an SEO Agency can do it for you, but due to the existence of scammers, you need to see that your job is being done, so stay tuned to learn how.


How can you Check if your SEO Agency is doing their Job?

How to pick a good seo agency. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique or strategy that consist in the usage of multiple keywords or meta tags with the purpose of putting your website or blog higher in the rank of websites that are in the browser’s algorithm, thanks to this, you can expect to have bigger traffic, more customers and furthermore, more money int he long runs. However, as this is something very powerful, you can’t expect it to be very easy, that’s why agencies do the dirty work for you, but you need to check if they are in fact working because sometimes scammers decide to attack people, who don’t have any idea and then lose thousands of dollars in something that doesn’t even work.


First of all, SEO Agencies MUST ask you for permission or access in things like Google Analytics, Social Accounts, list some keywords and niches that are being sued by yourself, previous works, audits or penalties and so many other things, if they don’t ask for anything, that’s the first bad sign in the process. Also, you will have to ask them for any improvement or ideas, if they decide to go for the silent or confidential way, then you have to get out of there and fire them as they are not going to tell you anything because they don’t even know what they are going to do with your money.

Finally, if you start to see that your traffic or ranking is continuously dropping or decreasing, then this is the last thing that you need to see as everything is being for nothing, yes, for the first months you can’t expect to see the big results, but things should maintain as they were, NOT get worse, that’s why you can expect this to be something that directly tells you that you are being scammed or they are not doing their work, you shouldn’t wait for this far to make a decision, that’s why is important to follow the previous measures, good luck!