What makes Good Horse Food

Australia is home to many horses, and most of them are kept in good quality farms so they will receive proper nutrition and alimentation on a daily basis, however, most beginners don’t know how horses taste for food goes, so they constantly make mistakes on what they should eat and what they shouldn’t. For that reason, it’s time for you to know what makes good horse food and why it’s so important for them to have this kind of food, stay tuned to learn more.

What Makes Good Horse Food:

First of all, you should know that your horse will be more than okay with a diet that consists of high-quality hay, combined with some alfalfa and grains, however, you need to know that grains are not completely required as they just work as a direct extra for the horse nutrition, but if your hay is not too good in terms of quality then you should complete with the grains option to avoid causing digestive issues to your horse. Also, it’s recommended that you carefully select the vitamins and minerals for your horses as they require such important traits in their daily nutrition to keep strong and agile as ever, especially if your horse is pregnant or if it’s a race or competitive horse.


People always try to get creative when it comes to feeding the horses with good quality food, but it’s important that you get to know the fact that your horse won’t be needing anything else aside from the previously discussed foods, as their digestive system was made with the purpose of consuming these kinds of foods that are special and unique for their consumption, so don’t try to change the rules as it could end in different kinds of health issues that could put in risk the life of your horse, also, don’t forget on keep their health in top condition, do some check-ups when it’s possible.